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There are two different kinds of bats.

The first is one that a baseball player uses to hit a baseball.

baseball bat

  • A baseball bat can be made of wood or aluminum.
  • In the game of baseball, the person who tries to hit the ball is called a batter.
  • The batter swings the bat at the ball.
  • Most American kids own at least one baseball bat.

baseball player He's a batter.


The second type of bat is one that flies around the sky at night looking for food.


  • A bat is a type of rodent, like a mouse.
  • Bats live in areas that provide natural protection. They live around caves, and they are found near river valleys.
  • Bats are good to have around because they eat a lot of bugs such as mosquitoes.
  • Many people are afraid of bats because they look kind of creepy.
  • The most famous bat is Batman.


There are some expressions that make use of the word "bat."

  • I'll go to bat for you. (I'll support you or protect you.)
  • She's got a few bats in the belfry. (She's a little crazy.)
  • He's as blind as a bat. (He can't see very well.)
  • So far you're batting a thousand. (You're doing extremely well.)

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September 2, 2015







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