Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

belt   clip   compete   greet  grip   hip   lap   lip   nip   repeat   seat   street   strip   tweet   whip  

1. Sports offer athletes the opportunity to __________ against each other.

2. There’s a great restaurant just up the __________ from here.

3. My puppy gave me a little __________ on my foot.

4. The boss is starting to crack the __________ on his employees to get more work out of them.

5. John has to __________ his bushes because they’re getting too long.

6. The student asked the teacher to __________ he said.

7. People who go to that coffee shop think of themselves as being really __________.

8. The nurse told the patient to __________ off his clothes and put on a hospital gown.

9. We need to hire a receptionist who can __________ customers when they arrive at our business.

10. These pants are so tight that I don’t really need a __________.

11. Make sure you have a good __________ on this couch before we move it to the truck.

12. Jolene is very lucky. Everything seems to just fall in her __________.

13. Your teacher will send out a __________ to let you know what the Word of the Day is for today.

14. Please, have a __________ and make yourself comfortable.

15. Tony cut himself while shaving just above his upper __________.

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