To greet someone is to say "hello" or to welcome a person who has arrived at a place.

  • A receptionist greets people as they walk though the door to a business.
  • Ronald always greets his neighbors when he sees them outside his house.
  • Customers are greeted by the smell of baked goods when they arrive at a bakery. (This sentence uses the passive voice in the present tense.)
  • I was greeted by a strange odor upon arriving at the entrance of the factory.
  • My dog always greets me at the door when I come home.
  • It’s polite to greet another person with a handshake.

handshake They’re shaking hands.

The word "greeting" is a noun:

  • Bill enjoys meeting and greeting his customers.
  • Jeremy was met with a warm greeting at the airport by his family when he returned from a trip.
  • During the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans often say "seasons greetings."

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April 18, 2016