The hip is that part of the body where the torso and the leg come together. This is a very important part of the body

  • The hip joint is that area of the human body that allows people to walk. It connects your thigh bone to your pelvis.
  • Many people put their hands on their hips when they stand.
  • A person’s hips seem to widen with age.
  • My grandmother fell down and broke her hip. It can be fatal for an elderly person to break his or her hip.

girl with hand on hip

Her hand is on her hip.

As a slang word, "hip" means that something or someone is cool. A hip person is often a trendsetter, a person who recognizes trends in fashion, music, and art.

  • Joe is very hip.
  • He wears hip clothing.
  • He listens to hip music.
  • The clubs he goes to are so hip.
  • Some of his friends call him a hipster. (hipster = a person who looks and acts hip)

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April 6, 2016