A lip is made of skin and forms the outside area of the mouth. We have two lips: an upper lip and a lower lip (bottom lip).

  • Sometimes people lick their lips when they are hungry.
  • A man kisses his wife or girlfriend on the lips.
  • A kiss is planted on a person’s lips.
  • Hilda puckered her lips when she took a bite out of the lemon.
  • Mark’s lips turned bright red as he ate a popsicle.
  • Some women put lipstick on their lips.
  • I cut my upper lip while I was shaving.

lips lips

There are a few other ways in which this word can be used:

  • Politicians often give lip service to the possibility of cutting taxes or doing other things that voters want. (lip service = talk without action)
  • That’s just a bunch of lip service.
  • The woman on stage lip synched as the song played, but everyone in the audience thought she was actually singing. ( No sound comes the mouth of a person who lip synchs. The lips move with the words as the person only pretends to sing. )
  • The lip of a bottle is that area of the bottle where the bottle cap goes.
  • I had to bite my lip when I heard Charlie go on and on about how great his idea was. (bite one’s lip = try not to say anything, even when a person is lying or exaggerating.)

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April 8, 2016