The word "television" is often abbreviated to "TV," which is an abbreviation and not a word, but it’s an extremely common way of referring to the television as an electronic device, as a medium for entertainment, and as an industry.

  • Do you like to watch TV?
  • How much TV do you watch in a day?
  • Many Americans have a TV in their living room.
  • Wide-screen TVs are very popular.
  • Do you own more than one TV?
  • My friend, Wanda, dreams of becoming a TV executive.
  • Live TV is very entertaining because it comes to you as it happens.
  • Most people receive TV programs through cable or a satellite dish.

The word "televise" is a verb:

  • Baseball and football games are televised live. (They are shown in real time.)
  • When the war began in Iraq in 2003 it was televised as it happened. (It was live.)
  • The Olympic games are televised but there’s a one-hour delay. (The games aren’t live)

The word "television" is a noun:

  • Television audiences are shrinking because of the internet.
  • Popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube compete with television.
  • A healthy lifestyle includes reducing the number of hours that a person watches television.
  • Don’t let your kids watch too much television!


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August 21, 2016