To invest is to sacrifice your money or your time with the hope that it will grow or become more valuable. Investing is a popular topic of conversation among people who are saving for a special purpose such as retirement or a child’s college education.

  • Many Americans invest in stocks and bonds.
  • People also invest in gold or in real estate.
  • To invest wisely requires patience and a willingness to do research.
  • It’s not wise to invest in something you know nothing about.
  • A person who invests in a company become a partial owner of that company.
  • A person who makes an investment is called an investor. (The words "investment" and "investor" are nouns.)
  • Have you ever made an investment?
  • Some investments take years to pay off. (pay off = benefit from a profit)
  • If you make a risky investment, you might lose all of your money.
  • If you make a good investment, you might make a lot of money.
  • A friend of mine made a bad investment and lost almost all of her money.
  • The best time to begin investing is when you are very young. (The word "investing" is a gerund in this sentence.)
  • Investing in your education is the best investment you can possibly make.


It’s smart to do research before making an investment.

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August 19, 2016