The word "among" is a preposition. Use "among" when describing a group or relationships within a group.

  • Among the fans who were cheering the team were a few people booing.
  • There among the crowd were a few people holding signs.
  • Among our faculty are several teachers who have a PhD in Education.
  • Among the three sisters, there are many differences in their opinions.
  • Who among you is interested in a medical career?
  • You, among all of my students, really have made a lot of progress.
  • Among the trees could be seen a few deer.
  • A few deer could be seen among the trees.
  • This is information that I feel safe sharing among my close friends.
  • There were many dead among the living following the attack.

Note: The word "amongst" is sometimes used in place of "among." There’s really not much of a difference.

Date of publication: December 1, 2016