A person who desires something, wants it very much. This word is often associated with passion and longing.

  • What do you desire? (What do you want?)
  • Is this what you desire?
  • Henrietta desires a career in nursing.
  • Yolanda desired a large family when she was younger, but she’s still happy with the small family she has now.
  • If there is something that you really desire, you should work towards the goal of attaining it.
  • I have a strong desire for a cheese and sausage pizza.

In these sentences, "desire" is a noun:

  • Tell me your desire.
  • What is your heart’s desire? (one’s heart’s desire is a common phrase)
  • You can eat to your heart’s desire at a buffet.
  • Thelma has many desires, but she keeps them secret.
  • Hassan has a desire to learn English really well.
  • Rosa has a deep desire to get married.
  • The desire for a quiet life is what prompted Baldo to move to Iowa.

wedding bouquet

She has a deep desire to get married.

Date of publication: December 4, 2016