A person or a thing that is very, very large or has a lot of influence might be called a giant.

  • American football players look like giants when they have on all of their equipment.

football player

  • At six foot eleven inches, the man looks like a giant when standing next to other people.
  • Steve Jobs was a giant in the home computer industry.
  • Henry Ford was a giant in the automobile industry.
  • Patricia says she has a giant headache.
  • There’s a giant rabbit in my backyard.
  • Reynaldo grew a giant tomato.


Giants are also characters found in children’s stories and in fiction. Businesses and professional sports teams use the word "giant."

  • The New York Giants play football in New York.
  • The San Francisco Giants play baseball in San Francisco.
  • In Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack meets a giant who tries to eat him.
  • Giant bicycles are sold at bicycle shops.
  • You can buy Giant sunflower seeds at a grocery store.
  • The Jolly Green Giant is the mascot for Green Giant, a distributor of vegetables in Minnesota.
  • The Giant Slalom is a form of downhill skiing in which skiers ski between gates.


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Date of publication: December 12, 2016