A hitch is a type of connection. This word can be used as a noun or as a verb.

A hitch might be found on the back of a vehicle.

  • You can hitch (verb) a trailer, a boat, a camper, or anything else to a vehicle that has a hitch. (noun)
  • It’s very convenient to have a hitch on your car.
  • Does your car have a hitch?


A person who tries to get a ride from the side of a highway is called a hitch hiker.

  • He’s trying to hitch a ride.
  • He’s a hitch hiker.
  • A person who wants to hitch a ride sticks his thumb in the direction he is heading.


When two people get married, sometimes the word "hitch" is used in place of "marry."

  • He’s getting hitched.
  • They’re getting hitched.
  • When are they getting hitched?


Finally, the word "hitch" is used as part of an expression, without a hitch. If something goes off without a hitch, that means there wasn’t any problem.

  • The performance went off without a hitch.
  • The evening began without a hitch, but later there were a few problems.
  • Carol got her car started without a hitch.

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Date of publication: December 13, 2016