Use the word "tow" when a truck or a car pulls another vehicle that is disabled or in violation of the law.

  • My car isn’t working, and I don’t know why. I might need a tow.
  • Sarah called a tow truck because her car stalled by the side of the road.
  • A tow truck driver arrived soon after she called for a tow.
  • The city will tow your car if you leave it on the street too long. (The word "tow" is a verb in this sentence.)
  • Joe towed his friend’s car out of a ditch when it went off the side of the road.

car needs a tow

He’s going to need a tow.

There are other circumstances in which the word "tow" is used.

  • A tug boat tows other boats.
  • Some boats towed by a tug boat are quite large.

tug boat at work

This little tug boat is towing a large ship.

  • Skiers can get a tow up a ski hill rather than having to walk up the hill.
  • These skiers and snow boarders are holding on to a rope tow.

tow rope

A rope tow saves skiers time and energy.

Note: The word "tow" has the exact same sound as the word "toe," of which a person has five on a foot.

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Date of publication: December 29, 2016