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To enter is to go into something or start something. This word is used for buildings, careers, relationships, conflicts, schools, and competitions.

simplepastpast participle
  • Walter and Simon have entered into an agreement to become partners in a new business.
  • Bruno entered law school last year.
  • When Helen entered the young man’s life, everything changed for the better.
  • Marriage is not something you should enter into lightly.
  • In what year did the United States enter World War II?
  • Consuela is going to enter a beauty contest.
  • Enter your name in the raffle and you might win a free car.
  • You have to enter to win.
  • It’s necessary to enter your personal information on an application form.
  • I’m not interested in entering into a long conversation right now.
  • You can enter the building though the main entrance.
  • You should knock before you enter.

door Please, knock before entering.

The word "entrance" is a noun. This is the place where a person enters something.

  • His entrance into law school wasn’t very easy.
  • Before being admitted to a school, you might have to take an entrance exam.
  • The TOEFL is an entrance exam.
  • Laurie made a grand entrance when she arrived at the party. (entrance = arrival)
  • Do you happen to know where the entrance is for this building?
  • At the entrance for the parking lot is an attendant who will take your money for the parking fees.

The word "entry" is also a noun. It’s very similar to the word "entrance."

  • I’m looking for entry-level work at this company.
  • Is there an entry-level position available?
  • A person’s successful entry into an acting career can be very difficult.
  • You have to fill out an entry form if you want to participate in the contest.

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January 5, 2016