A person organizes a plan for a future event. People make plans for many kinds of activities: travel, shopping, weddings, instruction, construction, etcetera.

  • There are plans for a new shopping center in our city.
  • Our friends are making plans for a trip to Mexico.
  • Do you have any plans for this weekend?
  • I don’t have any plans.
  • Here’s the plan: After work on Friday everyone is meeting at the pub for happy hour. (happy hour = discounted food and drinks in the afternoon)
  • The new CEO has a plan for turning around the company.
  • He’s got a plan.
  • The teacher makes out lesson plans for teaching her classes.
  • The state is scraping plans for a new office building. (scrap = terminate; end; decide against)
  • We’re dropping our plans to build a house. Instead, we’re going to buy an existing house.
  • He’s looking over some plans.

man with plans He’s looking over some plans.

The word "plan" is often used as a verb:

simplepastpast participle
  • What do you plan to do this weekend?
  • Are you planning to do anything?
  • We planned on going to the lake, but bad weather forced us to stay home.
  • The city is planning a construction project.
  • Berenice and Rogelio had been planning on getting married, but then something suddenly ended their relationship.
  • Travel arrangements are often planned weeks and months in advance.

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 January 26, 2016