July 12, 2016


(fam lee)


A family is a group of people who share a common bond. These people are usually related by blood or marriage, but the word "family" is also used to describe members of an organization.

  • Many families in the United States consist of two parents and two or more children.
  • How many people are there in your family?
  • My friend Jebediah comes from a big family.
  • Xavier says he’s ready to start a family.
  • Rhonda doesn’t feel like she ready to start a family yet, so she’s going to wait to get married.
  • Doctors would allow only immediate family members to visit Edwardo when he was in the hospital. (immediate family = mother, father, siblings, grandparents)
  • A reunion was held recently that drew extended members of our family from across the country.
  • Our local fire fighters work so closely together that they feel as if they are one big family.

The word "family" is often used as part of a compound noun:

  • There’s a family reunion being held in the park today. Well over 200 people are expected to attend.
  • We had a family gathering over the Fourth of July weekend.
  • The people affected by the gun fight considered it a private, family matter.
  • Charles considers himself a family man. (family man = a man who is totally dedicated to his family)
  • Rick and Melba are taking a family vacation in August.


Charles considers himself a family man.

Note: There are a few different ways to describe a family:

  • A nuclear family consists of two parents and a child or children.
  • A traditional family is the same as a nuclear family.
  • An extended family includes uncles, aunts, cousins, and others related by blood.
  • A non-traditional family can include any assortment of people related or unrelated.
  • A mixed family includes people who come into the family through marriage. The prefix "step" indicates this. My mother married my step-father years after my mother got a divorce.


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