A female child is referred to as a girl.

  • Quentin and Taylor are the proud parents of a baby girl.
  • The people who live across the street have two girls.
  • There’s a girl in my son’s third-grade class who knows how to play the violin.
  • That’s a girl’s bike. (singular possessive)
  • Those are girls’ clothes. (plural possessive)

The word "girl" can be used when describing a woman.

  • The girls in the office threw a baby shower for one of their coworkers who is expecting a baby.
  • Girls who live in California around Los Angeles are well known for their beauty.
  • Ralph hired a new girl to work as his receptionist. (Note: Be careful when using "girl" to describe a woman. Some women are offended by this.)

The word "girlfriend" is used for both romantic relationships and friendships. (This is not always true for the word "boyfriend."

  • Gloria and her girlfriends are planning to visit some nightclubs when they go to Rio. (friendship)
  • Bob’s girlfriend is graduating from college. (romantic relationship)
  • I had several girlfriends before I got married. (romantic)

The word "girl" is often used for a female dog.

  • Phil bought a new dog. She’s a good girl. (talking about the dog)
  • What a good girl, you are! (speaking to the dog)
  • Good girl! (speaking to the dog)

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July 6, 2016