June 21, 2016



A person who moves on his hands and knees crawls. This is the first form of mobility for a baby, but there are still reasons for a fully-formed adult to crawl.

  • Walter crawled through the grass, looking for a small piece of metal that he had dropped.
  • Workers had to crawl through the attic when installing insulation.
  • Renee’s baby is just learning how to crawl.
  • The last runner in the race was too weak to run or walk, so he crawled across the finish line.
  • A millipede crawled across the floor.
  • Someone crawled through an open window and stole some electronic equipment.

crawling baby

He’s crawling.

Sometimes a person who crawls does so figuratively (It’s not actual.)

  • Ned went crawling to his boss and begged him to take him back.
  • Don’t come crawling back if you leave us.
  • Sandra went crawling back to her parents after failing to find work in California.

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