June 4, 2016



There are many different ways to use the word "dash."

A dash can be a short distance or a small amount:

  • Renee ran the 100-meter dash in gym class today. (A dash can be a short race.)
  • Roger made a dash for the end zone to win the game. (He ran towards the goal line in a football game.)
  • The cat made a dash for the backyard as soon as the door was opened.
  • Helen told her kids not to dash off too quickly when they reached the park. Everyone was going to eat first. (This sentence uses "dash" as a verb. dash off = run away or move quickly)
  • The sleigh is dashing through the snow.
  • This soup needs a dash of salt. (dash = a small amount. This is a popular word to use when cooking.)
  • A dash of cayenne pepper will add more flavor to the meat.

A dash is also a form of punctuation used between words to bring words and numbers together. A dash looks like a short line.

  • The house is under 24-hour surveillance.
  • He’s wearing a custom-made suit.
  • This is not a one-size-fits-all solution to the problem.

The word "dash" is short for dashboard. This is the place inside a car where gauges, instruments, and the steering wheel are mounted. Most recently, the word "dash" is used to refer to a place on a website or an app where you can change settings or individualize your experience.

  • The first page I visit on that website is the dashboard because it has updates and recommendations.
  • Put your receipt on the dashboard to show that you have paid for your parking space.
  • There’s a lot of dust on the dash. It has to be cleaned.


This car has a beautiful dashboard.

It has a beautiful dash.

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