June 8, 2016



The word "flop" is similar to the word "failure." Anyone or anything that flops, does not perform as expected.

  • The play was a flop.
  • Don’t go see that movie. It’s a flop.
  • His idea for a business was a flop.
  • Walter did a belly flop in the swimming pool. It was quite painful for him to feel and for us to watch. (belly flop = landing in the water on your stomach)
  • Stephen specializes in helping flopping businesses turnaround. (The word "flopping" is an adjective in this sentence.)

The word "flop" can be used as a verb:

past participle
  • The play flopped.
  • The guitarist flopped during his solo.
  • Everyone flopped to the floor when they heard shooting. (flop to the floor = get down on the floor)
  • The new product flopped badly and was quickly taken off of the shelves at the stores.
  • The comic has flopped so many times before a live audience that he’s used to it by now.

The word "floppy" is an adjective. If something is "floppy" it’s long and covers a wide area.

  • Gloria’s dog has big floppy ears.
  • Zane like to wear floppy hats.
  • The leaves on that plant look kind of floppy.
  • Floppy disks were once popular as a means of computer storage, but now they seem outdated.

floppy hat

She’s wearing a floppy hat.

floppy ears

Her dog has floppy ears.

floppy disk

Floppy disks were popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

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