June 15, 2016



Gum is a sticky, sweet, rubbery substance that people like to chew.


  • You can buy gum from a gumball machine.
  • Some gum comes in the form of a stick. Would you like a stick of gum?
  • People who chew bubble gum can blow bubbles with it.

blowing a bubble He’s blowing a bubble.

  • It’s not polite to spit your gum out onto the sidewalk.
  • Be careful where you step. You might step on gum and have it stuck to your shoe.
  • I’ve got gum stuck to my shoe.

The word "gum" is also used to describe the area of your mouth where the teeth are connected. Use the plural form, "gums."

  • Regular trips to the dentist will help preserve the health of your teeth and gums.
  • If you lose your teeth, you’ll have to chew food with your gums.
  • There’s something stuck between my tooth and my gums.

The word "gummy" is used as an adjective for something that is soft and chewy.

  • Gummy bears are a popular type of candy that originate in Germany.
  • Kids like to eat multi-colored gummy worms.
  • New gummy vitamins are becoming popular among people who don’t like to swallow vitamins whole.

gummy bears

gummy bear candy

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