June 6, 2016



A mistake is an error. A person did something that was wrong. Mistakes are usually made by accident. Notice that the verb "make" is often used when "mistake" is a noun.

  • Oops, I made a mistake.
  • Be careful, you might make a mistake.
  • Roberto made a mistake on his homework.
  • It was a mistake not to leave for work earlier. Now I’m going to be late.
  • You’re making a big mistake!
  • I think there’s a mistake on my bill.
  • This has to be a mistake.

When the word "mistake" is used as a verb, it usually means that a person makes an error in identifying a person or a thing:

simplepastpast participle
  • I’m sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
  • Everyone mistakes Terry for his twin brother, Thomas.
  • The police had mistaken the man they arrested for the other man they were looking for originally. They apologized for their mistake.

There are some expressions that use the word "mistake."

  • Make no mistake about this, we are going to be successful. (make no mistake = there should be no doubt)
  • There must be some mistake.
  • Everyone makes mistakes.
  • It’s important to learn from your mistakes and move forward.


He makes a lot of mistakes!

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