June 7, 2016



Anyone who uses email knows what spam is. Spam is unwanted email. It comes in the form of advertising, promotions, giveaways, solicitations, free offers, and a lot of other junk email. Businesses send out spam as a way of attracting the attention of a very small percentage of people who receive it. Spam is generally disliked. The word "spam" can be used as a noun or as a verb.

  • No one likes spam. (The word "spam" in this sentence is a noun.)
  • No one likes to be spammed. (The word "spam" in this sentence is an infinitive in the passive voice.)
  • I wish this company would stop spamming me.
  • My bulk folder has a lot of spam in it.
  • You should check your spam folder regularly to make sure important email isn’t going to it.

Spam was originally known as canned meat, usually pork. It was popular during World War II as preserved meat that could be eaten anywhere and at anytime. Now people all over the world eat spam, but it has a reputation as a fairly low-quality meat product.

  • Rhonda buys spam for her family because it’s affordable.
  • She makes spam and eggs for her kids.
  • She usually fries the spam before serving it.


Note: A new spam museum just opened up in the state where I live, Minnesota. People who live here are proud to say that spam is produced in our state, but there are not many people I know who actually eat it.

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