The word "diet" is used when talking about the consumption of food. This word is both a noun and a verb.

To be on a diet means that a person’s consumption of food is regulated for the purpose of maintaining good health:

  • Alicia’s doctor put her on a special diet because her sodium levels are too high.
  • Victor is on a diet because he wants to lose weight.
  • I need to go on a diet because my clothes don’t fit me as well as they used to.

To have a diet means that you consume food, good or bad, but the quality of the food has a lasting impact on your overall daily health:

  • Edgar has a good diet. He eats fruit and vegetables every day, and he eats very little meat.
  • Layla has a poor diet. She eats a lot of junk food and never eats fresh fruit or vegetables.
  • For people who live near the ocean, fish and seafood are a major part of their diet.
  • Vegetarians exclude meat products from their diet.
  • Do you have a good diet or a poor diet?

The word "diet" is also used as a verb. To diet is to control the amount or quality of food consumed in order to lose weight.

  • Walter is dieting because he’s fifty pounds overweight.
  • Charlene has been dieting and exercising over the last few months to get ready for swimsuit season.
  • Dieting is very difficult for some people. (This sentence uses "diet" as a gerund.)
  • Have you ever dieted?

fat man

Rudy needs to go on a diet because he’s obese.

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March 7, 2016