March 17, 2016



A miracle is an event in which something really amazingly good happens. It’s so good, that it’s almost beyond belief. Some miracles are believed to be from the hands of God. This is a very popular word to use when a situation goes from bad to good.

  • It’s a miracle that everyone aboard the aircraft survived the crash.
  • The baby who survived the earthquake is being called a miracle baby.
  • Everyone is calling the victory in the soccer match a miracle.
  • The family that’s on the brink of losing their home is praying for a miracle to happen.
  • It’ll be a miracle if we can all pull together to save the planet from getting any warmer than it already is.
  • Some doctors are referred to as "miracle workers" when they are able to dramatically improve a person’s health.
  • There is no miracle cure for cancer. Not yet.
  • Brian was blind. Now he can see. It’s a miracle.

The word "miraculous" is an adjective:

  • Tony made a miraculous recovery after suffering a severe head injury during a skiing accident.
  • It’s miraculous that nearly all of the students received high scores on their tests.
  • Miraculously, we have made it through another winter without a major snowstorm. (The word "miraculously" is an adverb.)

st patrick

In the Catholic Church, a person becomes a saint by performing some kind of a miracle.

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