March 4, 2016


To outgrow something is to become larger, older, more mature, or more knowledgeable.

  • Children outgrow their clothes as they get bigger.
  • Families outgrow their homes as they get larger.
  • A person can outgrow a bad habit, such as biting finger nails or overeating.
  • A plant can outgrow the container that it starts out in.
  • A company can outgrow a location that has become too small.


Let’s see how good you are at conjugating the verb "outgrow" in the following sentences:

1. The boys _____________ their shoes. (present perfect tense)

2. The baby quickly __________ her clothes. (past tense)

3. When _________ he ever ___________ the habit of sucking his thumb? (future tense)

4. The business _______ quickly ___________ this location and will have to move. (present continuous tense)

5. When a child ___________ his or her toys, it’s hard to give them up. (present tense)

The answers are below.

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Answers: 1. have outgrown; 2. outgrew; 3. will…outgrow; 4. is….outgrowing; 5. outgrows