Grass is a very common plant found all over the world. There are many different varieties of grass. Some grass is harvested for its seeds and eaten. Wheat, rye, and even corn are all types of grass, but most people in the United States think of grass as a soft durable plant used for recreation or as open areas intended for people or animals.

  • A lawn is made up of grass.
  • It’s necessary to cut the grass regularly if you want to keep your lawn looking nice.
  • A homeowner regularly mows the grass. (mow = cut)
  • My neighbor doesn’t want anyone stepping on his grass.
  • Baseball is played on a field of grass.
  • Football and soccer are also played on grass.
  • An alternative to grass is artificial turf.
  • The word "turf" is another name for grass.
  • Our grass is a bright green today because it rained last night.
  • Farmers cut grass and feed it to their farm animals.
  • When farm animals eat grass directly from the ground they graze.

grassHe’s mowing the grass.

The word "grassy" is an adjective.

  • Cows enjoy a nice grassy field.
  • The path was grassy and hadn’t been stepped on for quite some time. (path = an area for walking)


An area full of grass is grassy.

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May 10, 2016