To scan something is to examine it or look at it. You’ll find this common word used at grocery stores, schools, libraries, airports, and areas where people are searching for something.

  • People scan headlines in newspapers when looking for something interesting to read.
  • Airports scan passengers to make sure they aren’t carrying explosive materials.
  • Patrol officers scan drivers on the highway to make sure they aren’t speeding.
  • Grocery store cashiers scan barcodes when customers go through the checkout line.
  • An MRI scans a person’s entire body to look for internal, physical problems.
  • Documents can be scanned and converted into a digital format for use on a computer.
  • Volunteers and police scan wide areas when looking for a missing person.
  • A business scans applicants when deciding on whom to interview.

The device that a person uses for scanning is called a scanner.

  • Scanners are used at a grocery store in order to keep inventory and checkout merchandise.
  • You have to walk through a scanner at government buildings and other public facilities.
  • A scanner can also be a person whose job it is to identify and sort out people.
  • Some scanners are held in the hand while other scanners are large machines.
  • Have you ever used a scanner? You probably have.


He’s using a scanner.


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May 26, 2016