To grumble is to express unhappiness or dissatisfaction with a situation.

  • The employees at the Acme Company often grumble about their working conditions.
  • When Tanya grumbled about a bad grade on a test, her teacher got very angry at her.
  • The teacher told Tanya to stop her grumbling.
  • During tax season, people grumble about having to pay taxes.
  • In the winter, you’ll hear a lot of grumbling about the ice, the snow, and the cold.
  • Voters during the 2016 election season have been grumbling about their choices for Presidential candidates.
  • If you aren’t happy about something, you should do something about it instead of just grumbling.
  • What are you grumbling about?
  • Stop your grumbling!


This guy won’t stop his grumbling.

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Date of publication: November 7, 2016