A jock is a person who is successful in athletic activities. This is a very popular word in the U.S. when talking about athletes, particularly athletes who excel in a wide variety of sports.

  • Oscar has a reputation for being a jock. He plays basketball, football, and baseball.
  • The jocks at our high school often sit together during lunch.
  • Maria considers herself a jock because she’s an excellent basketball player; however, she also has a very good academic record.
  • Edward avoids the jock table in the cafeteria because the people who sit there often make fun of him.
  • Vanessa was a jock in high school, but now she prefers to pursue her interests in art and music.
  • For some sports, it’s recommended that boys and men wear a jock strap and a cup in order to prevent injuries. (jock strap and cup = protection for the genitals)

basketball player

Leonard is kind of a jock.

Note: The word "jock" is commonly applied to members of a type of clique in middle schools and high schools in the United States. A clique is a loosely organized group of kids who identify themselves according to skills, abilities, attitudes, and background. Other names for cliques in school include, brains (smart kids), freaks (drug users), geeks (socially awkward kids), hipsters (kids who try hard to be cool), rockers (kids who like rock music), nerds (smart kids or kids proficient with technology) and emos (kids who wear dark clothing, get tattoos or piercings, and experiment with alternative lifestyles). Names given to cliques also vary depending on region and levels of economic differences within communities.

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