A wall is a structure built for protection of an area, or it provides privacy and organization within a building.

  • A load-bearing wall helps provide support within a house.
  • An exterior wall is insulated to protect people from cold weather.
  • If an interior wall is too thin, you can hear through it.
  • Many people like to put pictures on their walls so that they won’t be so bare.
  • A bare wall has nothing on it.
  • Walls in the United States are made of wallboard or plaster.
  • The average height of a wall inside a house is eight feet.
  • Prisons build strong walls in order to prevent prisoners from escaping.
  • Donald Trump says he’s going to build a wall along the border of the United States and Mexico, and Mexico is going to pay for it.

There are many famous walls:

  • The Great Wall of China was built to protect ancient Chinese empires starting in the 7th century BC. The wall is so long that it can be seen from space.
  • The Wall of Jericho was built in 8000 BC in present-day Jordan and Lebanon. It’s believed to have provided flood protection.
  • The Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem is a holy site for Jewish people who go there to pray.
  • The Berlin Wall was built between east and west Berlin during the Cold War, but the people of the city tore down the wall in 1989.
  • People who work on Wall Street in New York make money by trading stocks and bonds.
  • The Wall is a rock album put out by the band Pink Floyd in 1979.
  • Mending Wall is a poem written by Robert Frost.

Date of publication: November 28, 2016