Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

label   labor  land   lane   laugh   laundry   leak   leap   lease   left   lick  lift   link   liquid   list   live   load   loaf   loot   lousy  lurk

1. It’s not polite to __________ at someone with a physical disability.

2. The weather for the camping trip was __________. It rained the entire time.

3. People who need a __________ to the airport can call a taxi or an Uber driver.

4. A small __________ in the ceiling indicates a problem that must be fixed immediately.

5. A truck brought a __________ of sand and rocks to the construction site.

6. Before you can rent an apartment you have to sign a __________.

7. A million dollars! Wow! That’s a lot of __________.

8. Cats __________ themselves because that’s how they stay clean.

9. When driving, try to stay in your __________

10. The pilot was unable to _________ his plane so he went to a different airport.

11. A lot of webmasters ask me to __________ to their websites.

12. A __________ television performance is more interesting to watch than one that’s taped.

13. The quilt that Amina made for her niece was a __________ of love.

14. Could you please pick up a __________ of bread when you go to the store?

15. Before you go grocery shopping, you should make a _________ of the things you need.

16. Kevin tried to __________ over the puddle of water, but he fell short and got wet.

17. Read the nutrition __________ to find out what the ingredients are in processed food.

18. Was there any pizza __________ after the party ended?

19. I have to do a load of __________ this weekend.

20. There’s some strange __________ dripping underneath the car.

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