To mingle is to socialize. People mingle at parties, at work, and at social events. You can also mingle or combine things.

  • The host of a party should mingle with the guests.
  • Do you enjoy mingling with people at a party?
  • The ability to mingle with people you don’t know is considered a great skill if you want to enter a career in which you meet new people every day.
  • Political candidates mingle with donors at fundraisers.
  • My friend, Mindy, is very good at mingling. At parties she spends two to three minutes talking with one or more people before moving on to speak with someone else.

The word "commingle" is often used with things. This word is very similar to mingle.

  • It’s okay to commingle cans and plastic containers that are to be recycled.
  • Good comedians know how to commingle humor and tragedy.
  • Stripes and plaid patterns don’t really commingle.

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Date of publication: October 16, 2016