To notice something is to see it, recognize it, or understand it.

simplepastpast participle
  • Javier’s parents have noticed that his grades in school are improving.
  • His teachers noticed that he’s paying more attention in class.
  • Javier’s classmates noticed that his English is getting better.
  • People have been noticing that Marie is losing weight.
  • Marie’s husband hasn’t noticed.
  • Marie notices that her clothes fit her a little better now than before she lost the weight.
  • What do you notice about this website?
  • Do you notice anything new?
  • Has anyone noticed that the chat room has been very busy lately?
  • Notice how much a difference it makes to practice your English every day?

The word "notice" can also be used as a noun:

  • When you quit a job, you should give two weeks notice.
  • The owner of the factory put his employees on notice that there might be layoffs coming soon.
  • A notice was sent to tenants of the apartment building that their rents were going to increase.
  • You should take notice of changes in interest rates if you are an investor.


    Notices are posted onto a bulletin board.

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    Date of publication: October 17, 2016