An image is a picture. It can be real or imagined.

  • What kind of image do you have of what a house looks like?
  • You can see your image reflected in a window or a mirror.
  • A film is a rapid series of photographic images projected onto a screen with light.
  • Digital images are created by a computing device that converts them to visible light.
  • Images of war and conflict on TV can have a negative impact on children.
  • When I’m working on my website, I often insert images to help my students improve their vocabulary skills.
  • You can easily find images of almost anything on the internet.
  • The images captured on an old digital camera might be blurry. (blurry = a fuzzy picture with poor resolution)

An image can also be a combination of a person’s appearance and reputation:

  • The young real estate agent felt her image could be improved by driving a Mercedes.
  • Bob’s tough-guy image is softened by his interest in ballet.
  • The company’s image was damaged as it continued to produce faulty products.
  • Some politicians are more concerned about their image than about how they are able to help their constituents. (constituent = a person represented by an elected official)
  • As more women enter the business world, the image of a successful executive is no longer that of a man.

Note: The word "imagery" is related to the word "image."

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Date of publication: September 14, 2016