Juice results from pressing or crushing plants, fruit, or any substance that contains liquid. There are many different kinds of juice.

  • Grape juice is made by crushing grapes.
  • Orange juice is made from squeezed oranges.
  • Apple juice comes from apples that are blended and pressed.
  • Ralph likes to drink grapefruit juice because it’s so tart.
  • Gloria likes to make fresh lemonade with real lemon juice.
  • Wine and other alcoholic beverages come from juice that has been allowed to ferment. (ferment = age over time)

The word "juicy" is an adjective:

  • The oranges I got from the store weren’t very juicy. They were kind of dry.
  • Blueberries are plump and juicy when they are in season.
  • Charles likes to order a juicy steak every once in a while when he goes out to eat. (juice = blood)

We also use the word "juice" when talking about energy from gasoline, electricity, or some other source.

  • My cell phone is low on juice. (The battery is low on stored energy.)
  • To make your car go faster, step on the accelerator to give it more juice.
  • Coffee is the juice that gets me going in the morning.

Sometimes the phrase "juice up" is used to describe something that is made more powerful.

  • Jerry got all juiced up on a wheat grass drink, claiming it made him healthier.
  • My neighbor juiced up a small Toyota Corolla with a turbo-charged engine.

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Date of publication: September 15, 2016