The word "outfit" is used for clothing.

  • Marta is wearing a maternity outfit.
  • Some of the ladies in the office told her she looked beautiful in her outfit.
  • That’s a lovely outfit.
  • Macy’s has women’s outfits on sale this week.
  • Doctor’s and nurses in a hospital wear special outfits while they are working.
  • Vanessa’s favorite outfit is a yellow dress.

outfit  This is her favorite outfit.

The word "outfit" is most often used by women to talk about women’s clothing. Men do not typically use this word to talk about clothes, but it’s not impossible.

  • Ronaldo says he’s looking for a new outfit to wear to work.
  • He enjoys shopping for new outfits with his friends.
  • Sometimes his girlfriend helps him pick out an outfit to wear to work.

There’s also a very specific use for "outfit" that refers to military groups or sporting goods equipment.

  • A small military outfit was sent to a remote area in Afghanistan to oversee the reconstruction of an airport.
  • Before they left, they were outfitted with weapons, camping gear, and clothing. (The word "outfit" is a verb in this sentence.)
  • A ski lodge can outfit anyone who would like to go skiing.

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Date of publication: September 22, 2016