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To nourish is to provide good food or other material in order for something to grow.

  • Healthy food nourishes the body.
  • Certain oils and lotions help nourish the skin.
  • Plants are nourished by the soil, water, and sunlight.
  • A person nourished on fear and hate will grow to be a threat to civil society.
  • Art and music nourish the soul.

The word "nourishment" is a noun:

  • The little boy wasn't getting enough nourishment from his daily diet.
  • A person who suffers from malnourishment has a poor diet. (The prefix "mal" means bad.)
  • Most of our nourishment comes from fresh, local food.
  • A steady habit of reading good books provides nourishment for your mind.

The words "nourished" and "nourishing" are used as adjectives:

  • A nourishing breakfast is a good way to start your day.
  • A nourished plant will produce strong roots.
  • Physically fit and well-nourished people are more productive than people who don't eat right or fail to exercise.
  • A week in Jamaica was just the sort of nourishing vacation that I needed.


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Date of publication: December 20, 2016




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