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July 18, 2016



A mob is a group of people. A mob forms in reaction to an event. Mobs are usually hard to control, and sometimes mobs participate in illegal activity such as vandalism, fighting, or rioting.

  • A mob appeared in the street following the death of a little boy who was struck by a car.
  • The police were called in to deal with the mob.
  • An unruly mob gathered outside of the man's house and demanded that he come out.
  • A peaceful protest suddenly turned into an angry mob when the police showed up in riot gear.
  • Have you ever been part of a mob?


A mob formed in the street.

When used as a "verb," to mob someone or something is to gather around it out of excitement or enthusiasm:

  • The electronics store was mobbed after it advertised large screen TVs for under a hundred dollars.
  • The members of the band were mobbed when they left the auditorium.
  • The young movie star got mobbed when he made an appearance at a book-signing event.

The word "mob" is also used to describe a crime organization.

  • The mob was involved in the killing of three people.
  • A local mob boss is a leading suspect in the crime.
  • Rogelio avoids doing business with the mob.
  • Al Capone was a notorious mobster.


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