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March 24, 2016



There are many, different uses for the word "board."

When "board" is used as a verb, it means to enter an airplane or a boat.

simple past past participle
  • We boarded the plane after our numbers were called.
  • In order to board a plane from the terminal, you have to walk through a loading bridge or a jet bridge.
  • To board a large ship, passengers walk up a gangplank or a bridge that connects the dock to the ship.
  • Boarding an airplane takes time because passengers need to find their seats and stow their luggage. (stow = put away)

To board also means to provide housing and food for someone.

  • In addition to tuition costs for college, students living on campus also have to spend money on room and board. (room and board = a place to live plus food)
  • Samantha has to board her dogs whenever she goes on vacation because there's no one to take care of them for her.
  • A very large house down the street accepts boarders. (boarder = a person who is provided with a place to sleep and, perhaps, food)
  • Jonathan is temporarily boarding with some people he met online.

When the word "board" is used as a noun, it represents a flat surface for writing, working, or protecting something.

  • You cut vegetables or meat on a cutting board.
  • You iron clothes on an ironing board.
  • Windows and doors of an abandoned house are often covered with boards.
  • Before a hurricane arrives, coastal residents board up their windows to protect their homes from damage.
  • A skateboard is a rectangular board with wheels on it.
  • A surfboard is a long rectangular object that surfers use for riding strong waves on the water.
  • Cardboard is a strong paper product that is used for boxes, packaging, and making signs.
  • You can make a desk by putting a large plywood board on top of two filing cabinets.

diving board

She's about to jump off of a diving board.

A board can also be a group of people who provide advice and leadership for a large corporation or a large organization.

  • David sits on the board of directors for a Fortune 500 company.
  • The school board needs to find a new superintendent for the school district.
  • Members of the board meet in a large meeting room with a long table.


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