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Money is the thing we use to represent the value of a person's worth, and it's the stuff we use when paying for things. It's important to learn how to talk about money.

  • Do you have any money?
  • How much money do you have?
  • What kind of money do you make? (It's generally not polite to ask this kind of a question.)
  • If you need money to do something, you have to find it.
  • You can borrow money from a bank.
  • A bank lends you money.
  • If you want money for a future purpose, you save it.
  • At work you earn money or you make it.
  • If you are bad at managing money, you might lose it.
  • Have you ever lost a lot of money?
  • If someone takes money directly from you, the money is stolen.

There are many different ways to talk about people and their money:

  • A breadwinner is the person in a household who makes most or all of the money.
  • A gold digger is a person who marries someone for his or her money.
  • A sugar daddy is a man who makes a lot of money and spends it lavishly on his girlfriends.
  • A rich man who has a lot of money can afford a trophy wife. (trophy wife = beautiful young woman. Melania Trump is a trophy wife.)
  • A miser is a person who never spends money but has a lot of it.
  • A spendthrift is a person who carelessly spends money all the time.
  • A person who is filthy rich has a lot of money.
  • A pauper is a person who has absolutely no money.
  • A person who steals money is a thief.
  • A person who takes money from his or her place of employment is an embezzler.

There are some popular expressions that include the word "money."

  • Money makes the world go round.
  • What do you think, I'm made of money?
  • Money doesn't grow on trees, you know.
  • More money, more problems.
  • Money, money, money!

You can learn more about money in Red Level Lesson Twenty-one.

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Date of publication: September 19, 2016




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