Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

author   article   bask   build  crew   click  death   disaster   excuse   extreme   fight   fur  ground   hatch   indeed   legend   meat   mystery   noodle   onion

1.  The story of how Joe saved his little brother from drowning grew into a family _________.
2. Once the __________ thaws out in the spring, we can start planting our vegetables.
3. Thanks to the courage of the _________,  the ship was able to avoid a catastrophe at sea.
4. Spaghetti __________ are easy to cook and fairly inexpensive.
5. If you __________ a ballpark in the middle of a cornfield, will people go to it?
6. Cutting and chopping a strong __________ can bring a person to tears.
7. The __________ of a famous novel came to our school to talk about his latest book.
8. There’s a very interesting __________ about North Korea in the latest issue of The Economist.
9. __________ weather in recent years has been responsible for causing a lot of physical damage to the country.
10.  Information is just one __________ away on the internet.
11.  Rachel gave up eating __________ and is now a vegetarian.
12. It takes about three weeks for a chicken egg to __________.
13. When asked, Harold said that he did, __________, want to go out with us on Friday.
14. A person diagnosed with cancer may be in a __________ for his or her life.
15. People who __________ in the sun for too long are likely to get a sunburn.
16. It took Penelope several months to get over the __________ of her cat.
17. In the event of a __________, the Red Cross is available to help survivors.
18. The fate of the people onboard the lost flight remains a __________.
19. There’s really no __________ for bad behavior in public.
20.  Our cat has long, soft __________ that gets tangled if it’s not combed.


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