To build something is to make it. Things we build also increase to a larger size.

simplepastpast participle

builderOscar is a carpenter.

  • A builder builds houses and other types of buildings.
  • A person who wants to make a lot of money builds a business.
  • Children like to build things with toys.
  • Weightlifters build their muscles by lifting weights.
  • People who are in love build a relationship.
  • Members of a community build strong, safe neighborhoods.
  • You can build your vocabulary by reading and writing in English.

The word "build" can also be a noun. In this case, "build" refers to a person’s body shape.

  • That woman has a nice build.
  • A man who works out regularly can develop a strong build.
  • a football player usually has a good build.


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This page was published on April 2, 2017.