A grave is a place where a person is buried after he or she dies.

  • There are hundreds or thousands of graves in a cemetery.
  • People lay flowers on a grave in memory of the person who is lying there.
  • The marker for a grave a called a headstone or a tombstone.
  • A person who digs a grave is a grave digger.
  • One of my students, Antonia, visits her mother’s grave regularly.
  • A person is laid to rest in a grave.

The word "grave" is also an adjective that describes something that is extremely serious.

  • This is a very grave situation.
  • The mood of the conversation suddenly became very grave.
  • The company made a grave error which resulted in the death of five employees.
  • Do they understand the gravity of the situation? (The word "gravity" is a noun. gravity = seriousness)


Visitors to a cemetery leave flowers on or near the graves of loved ones.

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This page was published on April 9, 2017.