The word "ouch" is an interjection used when a person experiences pain. An interjection is a one-word exclamation of emotion, so it functions differently from the other seven parts of speech, usually punctuated with an exclamation point.

  • Ouch! That hurts!
  • Ouch! That’s hot!
  • Ouch! That’s too expensive!
  • The boy said "ouch" when the nurse stuck a needle in his arm.
  • Ouch!

The word "ouch" can be changed to another part of speech, but then it’s not a word that is accepted as a real word. In this case, children or the parents of small children might be heard saying the following:

  • I’ve got ouchies. (noun, plural)
  • This plant gave me an ouchy. (noun, singular)
  • That cactus looks ouchy. Be careful. (adjective)

Similar to the word "ouch" is the word "ow."

  • Ow! That hurts!
  • Ow! Stop doing that!

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This page was published on April 19, 2017.