The word "action" is often used to talk about a person who is involved in doing something for a particular purpose. Action is a form of movement, or it’s a thing that a person does.

  • He’s a man of action. (He likes to do thing and get things done.)
  • She’s someone who likes to take action. (She likes to get things accomplished.)
  • Our company took action when it realized it was in trouble.
  • If you are upset about something, you should take some form of action rather than just complain about it.
  • A lawsuit against the government or a person is a way to take action.
  • Legal actions are sometimes necessary in order to solve problems.
  • A political speech can be a call to action.
  • Action movies that feature explosions, car chases, and fighting are very popular.
  • Action figures are toys that are popular among children.
  • Verbs of action are used to describe what a person does.
  • Actions speak louder than words. (This is an expression.)


Basketball is a game with a lot of fast-paced action.

The word "action" is similar to the word "act."

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August 1, 2017