The word "further" is often confused with the word "farther." Sometimes there is very little difference between the two words, so it’s not always a mistake to use one instead of the other; however, there are some differences:

You can use "further" (or "farther) when talking about an additional distance:

  • We need to go a little further to find a place to eat.
  • The weather is warmer further south.
  • Further north of here there are some great places to go camping.
  • Please move that chair a little further to the right.
  • The bike trail is further up the hill.

Notice that the word "further" is used in a way that is similar to the word "more."

  • There will be no further discussion regarding this matter.
  • Further progress has been made on the construction of the bridge.
  • Further economic growth is dependent on low interest rates.
  • Look no further. You have found what you were looking for.

One big difference between "further" and "farther" is that "further" can be used as a verb, but "farther" can not.

  • Joe would like to further his education by taking classes online.
  • Sarah is furthering her company’s interests by moving to Mexico.

The word "furthest" is a superlative form of the word "further," which is essentially a comparative adjective.

  • Furthest from my mind is going back to work when I’m on vacation.
  • Pluto was regarded as the planet in our solar system furthest from the sun until astronomers decided it was not really a planet but a dwarf planet.


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Published on August 6, 2017