A storm is a weather event that can occur during warm or cold weather.


A rain storm brings heavy rain.


A snow storm produces a lot of snow.


A thunderstorm includes rain, thunder, and lightning.

There are also hail storms, ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. These are all types of storms. (You can learn more about different types of storms by clicking here.)

You can use the word "stormy" as an adjective. Here are some examples:

  • Do you like stormy weather?
  • It’s has been very stormy around here lately.
  • After a few days of stormy weather, there was a lot to clean up.
  • Tom and Linda had a stormy relationship that lasted just a few months. (stormy relationship = a relationship characterized by conflict, disagreement, or fighting)

When the word "storm" is used as a verb, it often reflects a person’s anger or a type of force.

  • Joe stormed out of the room when he found out people were laughing at him.
  • Sheila stormed out of the office after she was fired from her job.
  • The police stormed into the room and told everyone to get down on the floor.
  • U.S. and British forces stormed the beaches at Normandy. (storm = invade)

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Published on August 26, 2017


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