A stripe is a long, rectangular shape that often serves some sort of purpose:

  • Highways have white and yellow stripes that direct traffic.
  • A credit card has a stripe on the back of it with encoded information.
  • A stripe can signify a rank for a person in the military.
  • Some prison uniforms have stripes to indicate that the person wearing the uniform is a prisoner.

A group of stripes might be part of a design on clothing or furniture, or stripes exist naturally on animals.

  • Zebras are known by their black-and-white stripes.
  • Some caterpillars have stripes.
  • A skunk has a white stripe along its back.
  • A Sumatran tiger has stripes.


  • This women is wearing a shirt that has black and white horizontal stripes.

striped shirt

  • She’s wearing a striped shirt. (The word "striped" is an adjective.)

vertical stripes

  • This shirt has vertical stripes.

the stars and stripes

  • Sometimes we refer to the American flag as "the stars and stripes."

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Published on August 16, 2017