To expect something is to believe it will happen in the future or to have some confidence in a person’s abilities.

  • I expect my students to pay attention.
  • You expect your teacher to provide good lessons.
  • We’re expecting a package to be delivered within the next few days.
  • I’m expecting an important phone call regarding a job.
  • What do you expect will happen to a person who eats too much junk food?
  • What do you expect will happen in 2018?

The word "expect" is often used in the passive voice:

  • The employees are expected to finish all of their work before they leave for the day.
  • The home team is expected to win the game.
  • Tom and Preena are expected to get married next year.
  • The guests to the party were expected to come on time, but most of them arrived late.
  • Snow is expected for tomorrow.
  • Much is expected of those who are born into wealth and privilege.

The word "expectation" is used as a noun:

  • Expectations for the Minnesota Vikings are high this year.
  • Expectations of success are high.
  • It can be difficult to meet the expectations that other people have of you.
  • It became impossible for Dawid to meet his parents’ high expectations.

The word "expecting" is often used when talking about a woman who is pregnant.

  • Eesha and Ali are expecting a baby girl.
  • Sarah looks like she’s expecting.
  • Luke and Sandra say they’re expecting their baby will arrive in May. (Read and Luke and Sandra in the Red Level.)
  • They’re expectant parents. (The word "expectant" is an adjective.)

expecting a baby

David and Jill are expectant parents.

December 26, 2017