When gas builds up in a person’s digestive system, he or she might release this gas in the form of a burp.

The word "burp" is often used as a verb:

simplepastpast participle
  • I feel like I have to burp.
  • It’s not polite to burp on public.
  • The woman gently burped her baby.
  • The baby was burped by his mother. (passive voice)
  • Carbonated beverages can cause a person to burp.
  • Children think it’s funny when someone burps in class.

This word can also be used as a noun:

  • That was a loud burp.
  • The boy let loose with a loud burp in class.
  • Burping is natural. Everyone does it. (The word "burping" is a gerund.)



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Date of publication: February 2, 2017